Hi, I'm Nehal.

I am a user experience designer and researcher : a critical thinker who firmly believes in the design philosophy, behaviors inform decisions. I am really passionate about understanding people's motivations to do things in order to find patterns and devise strategies to design seamless experiences.

I recently graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a masters degree in Design for Interactions and have a background rooted in architecture. I bring to the table a strong foundation in human-centered design thinking and doing. With around three years of experience leading a multi-disciplinary team, I bring to the table a creative confidence to handle systems-level issues on both design and business fronts. Driven by the itch to make a difference in people's lives, I see myself donning multiple hats to combine my strengths in the design of physical and digital experiences.

With an ever-increasing curiosity, I am interested in exploring the intersection of design and technology to do some good in the world. Approaching problems with a practical yet whimsical lens is something I do innately, and I am constantly inspired by designs that are simple, clean, intuitive and seamless. When not busy checking off my to-do lists, I love exploring new places, learning about cultures and trying my hands at cooking new cuisines.

I'm up for new challenges. Let's talk,