A ten-year implementation strategy for Ahmedabad University campus

Project Overview

Ahmedabad has a rich heritage of educational and research institutions. It is envisioned as an integrated urban campus within the city. The university buildings are laid out with no defined campus boundary, and without being disruptive to the wider flow of movement and exchange within the city. A vision-level proposal is provided for the Knowledge Precinct, identifying potential gateways, landmarks, transport and leisure nodes, and legible pedestrian and vehicular circulation patterns for the precinct.

Team : Urban Design Studio, HCP Design, Planning and Management Pvt. Ltd., Ahmedabad, India
Time Span : June 2011- December 2014
My Role : Concept development, Urban design, Project management, Graphic design, Print design

Masterplan Reports

To develop holistic strategies for development, a detailed analysis of potentials and constraints, landholdings, framework for future development decisions, implementation over time was provided in these reports. The inferences were documented in these comprehensive master plan reports where I assisted with the first four while compiled the fifth one entirely.

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Masterplan Strategies

Long-term Development Plan for Ahmedabad University

20111220_Part 4_Overall Development Strategy & Phase 1 plan-3_Page_3.png

Phase-1 Development Strategy

I was responsible for the concept development, content generation, client and consultant co-ordination for this phase of the project.

Design Principles for the Phase-1 campus

  • Establish site boundaries & main campus entrance to phase 1 campus.
  • Bridge urban blocks to create a permeable fabric for the campus.
  • Establish a legible pedestrian and vehicular circulation framework for the campus.
  • Establish a framework of buildable and open areas.
  • Align major facilities along desired circulation corridors.
20111220_Part 4_Overall Development Strategy & Phase 1 plan-4_Page_02.jpg
20111220_Part 4_Overall Development Strategy & Phase 1 plan-4_Page_03.jpg
20111220_Part 4_Overall Development Strategy & Phase 1 plan-4_Page_04.jpg

Phase-1 Masterplan

Master plan evolves constantly to accommodate changing programs, development constraints etc. Availability of detailed survey of location, quality and quantity of on-site vegetation prompted the evolution of final master plan. 


Masterplanning Layers

The Phase-1 campus is envisioned to have a modular layout and combines both high-rise and low-rise buildings to house academic programs. High-rise buildings form the street edge while low-rise buildings are located around inner courtyards.

The AU plaza is envisioned as a landmark public space for informal and formal gatherings. Nodes and landmarks impart a distinct identity to the campus. Activity at street level creates visibility of the university within the city. Hence, the common facilities and public buildings of campus form the street edge.

The masterplan proposes mainly internal pedestrian- friendly walkways and the vehicular circulation is restricted to the periphery. Dedicated bicycle lanes and pedestrian walkways form the main circulation network of the campus.


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